Trading Angel is a forex mentor service based in Brighton, England, which helps busy traders from all over the world save time on their journey to becoming consistently profitable traders. Trading Angel teaches proven to work and easy to learn strategies in our forex mentorship programme. We believe there is an easy way to learn to trade and we like to keep things simple.


If you speak English, we can teach you to trade forex! We only need one hour a week, so Trading Angel is perfect for busy people in full time jobs who want to learn to trade forex. Apply for the forex mentorship trading programme today. Spaces are Limited.

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Trading Angel is so confident that anyone can learn to trade forex, and go from beginner to winner after just 8 forex lessons with our forex mentor, that we are happy to offer two additional complimentary bonus forex mentor lessons to anyone who feels they need them after the forex mentorship programme is completed. The bonus coaching sessions can be taken at any point over the following 3 months once the course of 8 is completed. Often, beginner traders find this helpful to build on their skills which they have learned from the forex mentor in their classes.


In Trading Angel’s Forex Mentorship Programme there are 8 sessions, each an hour long, done remotely on Zoom by Trading Angel’s CEO and forex mentor Caroline who is based in Brighton in the UK. Trading Angel teaches traders from all around the world, anyone is welcome to apply. If you can speak English we can teach you to trade forex! You will meet with your forex mentor in the same hour each week to keep things consistent and simply. Your forex mentor will use screen share on Zoom to show you the charts and the exact strategies used to place profitable trades. You will be given a step by step guide on how to enter and exit trades in the forex, commodities and indices markets.


After each class with your forex mentor, you will receive notes on what you went over in class. This means you don’t need to worry about taking notes while you are in the class with your forex mentor and can focus on listening and absorbing the information.This also means you will have them to hand forever and will have the exact Trading Angel strategies in the step by step guide to placing profitable trades as long as you need them as a reference.


Those who enrol in the Trading Angel Mentorship Programme will also be entitled to text support. This means they can text their forex trading mentor during the week on specific problems they have encountered in their forex, commodities or indices trading.


Once you have completed your 8 forex trading classes with your forex mentor you will be asked if you are happy to take part in a video testimonial where you are encouraged to be honest about your experience with Trading Angel. You will have the option to say what worked well for you in the forex classes and if there’s anything you would have preferred to be done differently or what would have made the forex mentorship programme a better experience for you. This allows us to show interested future clients what sort of results they can expect from using Trading Angel’s forex mentor service and this also holds us accountable. This serves as reassurance that Trading Angel will provide the best possible service for you while you learn to trade forex with us. We understand not everyone wants to talk to camera so there is no obligation to give a video testimonial if you do not wish to.


Trading Angel is a forex mentor service based in the UK. We are not a signal service however we offer bonus signals to our forex mentor clients. Anyone who signs up with the forex mentor programme will be given lifetime access to our trading channel on Telegram. This is where CEO and forex mentor Caroline will share her trades and analysis for the forex, commodities and indies markets. This is a great way for the beginner traders who are learning to trade forex in the forex mentor classes to build on their knowledge and what they have been learning to see the strategies play out in real time with exact entries. It’s also helpful to give busy people who are learning to trade forex prompts as to when to place trades as we understand not everyone is able to be glued to their screens all day long watching the financial markets.


If you would like to access the Trading Angel channel on Telegram but do not wish to pay for the forex mentor service just yet, then we can offer you FREE access to the channel where Trading Angel’s CEO and Forex Mentor Caroline shares her trades and analysis. You can gain access as long as you are trading with one of our partnered brokers through our sign up link.

Sign up using the link below then send a screenshot of your funded account to +44 7552344108 in WhatsApp to text with your full name and the words either BDSWISS or MARKETS (depending which one you signed up to) You will then be sent a sign up link to join Trading Angel’s telegram channel which you can access as long as you are trading on this account.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an exclusive offer to those using their broker account with the affiliate link, if you stop trading on this account your access to the channel will be terminated. is great for those who have a bit of experience in trading and definitely want to carry on. The spreads are really low and there’s a wide range of markets to trade. Minimum initial deposits and top up amounts are a little higher than BDSwiss but still relatively low at £250. This broker uses platforms MT4 or MT5. There is a greater choice of regulators to choose from which offers you safety and assurance. Withdrawals are free.


Trading Angel uses TradingView to do our technical analysis and we recommend that you do too. We like it because it is easy to use with a clear layout and plenty of choice of indicators. You can save templates with your specific algorithms on, plus there are plenty of little tricks available to make analysing the charts easier. You can use up to three indicators at a time on TradingView for free or there are paid options which are very affordable (from £11/month).


The Trading Angel Story

Trading Angel’s CEO and Forex Mentor Caroline lives in Brighton in the UK which is a nice seaside city around an hour south of London. She moved to Brighton from London in 2013 to begin a career in broadcast journalism. The cost of living in the South East of England on top of low starting wages incentivised her to learn to trade forex as a way to make a second income. She was motivated by a desire to relocate from her small studio flat into somewhere with more space. Caroline discovered trading forex, commodities and indices was not only a great way to make a second income but was also something she was passionate about. In 2019 Trading Angel was born as the forex mentor service she wished she had received when she first started her journey learning to trade forex. Angel is a nickname which her mother has been calling her since she was a child so worked well as the company name. And she now lives happily ever after in a spacious apartment mentoring beginner traders and saving them time on their journeys learning to trade forex.


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