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I’ve been working as a forex trading mentor now for a few years and one of the questions my students ask frequently is if we can record the sessions for them to rewatch or if I could make videos specifically for them to re-watch in their own time. And this makes a lot of sense to me as a valuable way of learning because I am very much the sort of person who needs to re-watch something several times to know it well. If I watch a movie I won’t get any of the detail the first time I watch it. I couldn’t tell you what colour top anyone was wearing or probably even their name. I’ll likely miss any subtle sub plots or anything happening in the background which isn’t obvious. At the end of the film I could tell you if I liked it or not, who played the lead character, the glaringly obvious main plot… and that’s about it. Ask me what’s in the background or what anyone was wearing in any given episode of Friends, all of which I’ve watched to death, and I could probably write an essay, or a blog post. But after only one viewing of anything I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable taking an exam or betting my life savings on being able to recall any detail. Luckily no one is asking me to. But growing up with my sister who is freakishly good at remembering all detail in virtually most situations, gave me the impression that I had some kind of difficulty with learning. However, now I’ve worked with over 100 traders as a trading mentor I actually realise my style of learning and recalling information is very normal. Repetition is the key! 


So I decided that as everyone asked very nicely, and I wanted to give them the best possible opportunity to learn, that I would create a sort of online portal for Trading Angel mentees where I was able to upload the videos for them to watch as often as needed and it would also allow me to be able to add any new classes further down the line and for everyone to automatically benefit from this. Plus I include a lot of downloadables for my students such as checklists, rules to keep at your trading desk, economical calendar cheat sheets for the month etc etc and this would mean I just had to upload it once rather then send to 100 different people – and I love this because I get high off efficiency! 

I decided to keep the portal just for those I’ve already worked with one to one at first, mainly because it was fair, as these were the people who had paid and who had nicely asked for it to be made in the first place. But also, it just seemed sensible to trial it out with those who already know, like and trust me before I open it up to public scrutiny! 


And four month later having had the green light of approval from those who have been using it, Trading Angel Academy is now available publicly! Today is the first day of launch week and anyone who is quick enough to sign up this week will be gifted a massive 70% discount meaning lifetime access will only be £285 instead of £950. Just enrol before 7th March 2023 to make the most of this one time offer. 

This link will take you to the landing page:



Trading Angel Academy teaches you through an online video course by your trading mentor a step by step guide to trading forex like a Trading Angel. This is a comprehensive programme which not only teaches you the three trading strategies which I have been using in my day to day trading for the past three years but also offers you a clear structure for your day and how to prioritise and manage your day as a forex trader.

Trading Angel Academy is £950, what you will receive with this offer:

  • You will be given lifetime access, as long as the course is up and the platform is running you can log in and access the content. There is no time limit or time restrictions.
  • 3 strategies with printable rules and checklists, if any additional strategies are added to Trading Angel Academy over time you will get automatic free access 
  • Step by Step video guides on how to trade like a Trading Angel for you to re-watch as many times as you like 
  • Stages Of A Trading Angel Trade – a clear 7step structured guideline of the stages you need to be going through for each trade, this guideline was created by your trading mentor specifically for this programme 
  • Downloadable or printable Stages Of A Trade guideline so you can keep this at your trading desk to refer back when needed
  • Clear guidance on how to structure your day if you want to trade like your trading mentor 
  • Guidance on how to transition to either a part time or full time trader 
  • Separate videos for each trading tool or indicator used making it easy to rewatch the sections you need the most 
  • Monthly updated Economical Calendar Cheat Sheet 
  • Priority to attend Live Trading Sessions – in these you can watch your trading mentor looking for and placing the set ups you have learned in the video tutorials. This is a great bonus to allow you to see exactly what the process of looking for and placing trades should look like and an excellent opportunity to ask your trading mentor any questions 
  • Discount and priority on 1-2-1 trading sessions with your trading mentor 
  • Free automatic access to any updates and improvements made on this course by your trading mentor 

One piece of feedback I have received from those who are enrolled is that there is some assumed knowledge such as basic trader lingo and how candlesticks move etc so if you are a complete beginner and have never traded before in your life, give this YouTube video on Trading Angel’s YouTube channel a watch first to fill you in on all the basics and then you can decided if you’d like to go ahead and pay for the rest of the course

Happy Trading!

Love from, Your Trading Mentor x 

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